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Which medications are prescribed for dyslexia?

Medical treatments that are prescribed to treat dyslexic children have been linked to a greater risk of having ADHD, a new study finds.The findings have drawn a sharp contrast with earlier studies that linked medication for dysleratosis and ADHD.The new study looked at data from 2,000 children and their parents who were enrolled in the […]

Why you need to avoid the ‘blues’

There is a sense of nostalgia in watching these great teams of yesteryear, a sense that we’ve reached a point in football where it’s acceptable to say that the greatest team in the world is the one that’s playing on Sunday.In a sport with a history of great teams playing on Saturday and Sunday, this […]

Why is the NHS treating ocd with antibiotics in the same way it treats depression?

The UK government is considering whether to allow drugs for depression to be prescribed as prescribed.The drug-dosing scheme will be expanded to include other mental health conditions as well, with the first phase expected to start in early 2018.A new treatment for depression will also be introduced in the UK.It follows a decision by the […]

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