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How to write your prescription without a prescription

MEDICINE has been the subject of a recent media storm with the release of a scathing new study on the drug, CVS Caremark.The study claims CVS has been unfairly stigmatizing patients by prescribing medication they do not need and failing to provide adequate follow-up care for people who have not been properly treated.┬áThe study, which […]

Which treatments can cause hypercalceemia?

The National Centre for Health Research has published a new study looking at the effectiveness of treatment medications in treating hypercalcemic episodes.The results of the study suggest that, if taken with other therapies, it can improve the glycemic control of patients with diabetes.In addition, patients with hypercalciuria may benefit from a medication called neuraglutinin (NBQX) […]

How to treat pituitary tumors with surgery, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation

How do you treat a tumor that has spread to your brain?How do your symptoms change over time?This is the dilemma faced by many parents and patients alike as they seek to manage their children’s symptoms.Here are some common treatment options and the science behind each.Treatment Options for Pituitary TumorsThe following is a list of […]

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