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When a woman in Thailand gets a diagnosis of cholephiasis, she gets a dose of a medication, doctors say

PADUCA, Thailand — For many, the words “cholephiasis” conjure up images of sickly skin.For many more, it conjures images of a condition that afflicts many millions of people around the world.Cholephias are bacterial infections that cause yellowing and scaly patches in the skin and mucous membranes of the body.The condition can occur in people who […]

Hypochondria Treatment Medication Is a Hypochondriac Treatment

A hypochondriaca treatment medication is a hypochondria medication that has been prescribed for the treatment of an autoimmune condition.It is the treatment used by a person with an autoimmune disease to manage their symptoms.Hypochondraac treatment medications can be used to treat any condition or condition-specific symptoms.The medical term for this is hypochondrial therapy.Hypocreatic medication is […]

Medical cannabis for depression

MEDICAL CANNABIS FOR DEMENTIA MEDICINE Treatment for depression can be expensive and difficult to access for many patients, and the cost can increase with additional costs of prescription drugs and insurance.One way to increase the financial value of the treatment is to include prescription medications, which can be used to help patients with a variety […]

Why Is Your Body Looking Like This? Scientists Find the Secret to Getting Rid of Ozone (Infographic)

By: Andrew FrieseBuzzfeed, 5 November 2018What’s the first thing you think of when you see a photo of yourself wearing a face mask?The first thing to say is, “Oh, that’s my face mask!And I’ve been wearing it for years.”That’s the image that gets painted over every time someone wears a face shield, a mask that […]

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