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Medical scar treatment medication to be distributed to patients in Thailand

Medical treatment medication is expected to be released to patients, and it is expected the first batch of the drug will be distributed in the country this week.The first batch will be released in early April, according to Thai government spokesperson Phuwak Chaiwat.According to the official website, the drug is designed to treat a patient […]

What’s wrong with modern medical treatment?

AUSTRALIA’S most famous patient, Sydney Morning Herald journalist Louise Mensch, has been accused of making a series of false and inflammatory claims on social media, and has now been found guilty of criminal defamation.Ms Mensch was arrested in May for allegedly making two misleading comments on social networking sites, one accusing her of having an […]

How a British medical charity is helping the world’s most underfunded children in a bid to end the ‘world’s most deadly disease’

The charity that helps the world in need is now taking a more hands-on approach to the most neglected children in the world.As the UK prepares to leave the EU, the charity has started looking for ways to help the children of nations that have the lowest access to medical treatment.The charity has also found […]

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