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Former NHL goalie is ‘very happy’ with treatment after he’s ‘cynical’

Former NHL goaltender Joe Sacco, who was diagnosed with cynical hypothyroidism in June 2016, has received an estimated $5,000 worth of medication for the condition, according to a statement from his lawyer, Scott Seltzer.Sacco, 35, was placed on medication for hypothyroids in May 2016.He was released from the hospital in December after completing six months […]

NHS treatment for patients with dermatillomanias is ‘shallow’

Doctors are treating a patient with dermatillianomania for months at a time and are reluctant to prescribe medication, because it can worsen symptoms.The NHS has also stopped some treatments for people who have been diagnosed with the condition.They are being forced to use their own treatments.Dermatillomaniacs are not the only group suffering from the condition, […]

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