How to stop the drugs, doctors, hospitals, and medical treatment revolution

The number of medical treatments being administered by hospitals and doctors in the country is on the decline, according to data compiled by the Indian Medical Association.

In 2015-16, nearly 4.8 million treatments were prescribed by doctors, including a whopping 8,532 deaths, the data showed.

The number had dropped to 2.7 million by the end of last year.

The association said that the trend was due to the increasing number of non medical treatments and the rising number of prescriptions for medicines.

“These are the reasons why our members feel more pressure to prescribe more treatments,” Dr Satyendra Srivastava, the association’s president, said.

“This is also due to our inability to provide a standardised programme of treatment for every patient.”

The data was compiled by a research group based in Bangalore.

It included data on the number of patients being treated in hospitals across the country.

This included all outpatient and inpatient hospitals as well as specialised wards and tertiary care facilities.

The analysis did not look at whether doctors were prescribing non medical treatment.

The association said the number and proportion of nonmedical treatments has increased due to increasing use of medical equipment.

“More and more patients are getting the diagnosis and treatment done by doctors,” Srivadav said.

The number of deaths in India is also increasing due to a lack of medical facilities.

In 2016-17, the country recorded the worst year for deaths of all age groups and ages.

More than 4,300 people died due to lack of health facilities, according a report by the Health Research Council of India.

A report by a medical charity in India said there are more than 200 million people living without proper health facilities.

Dr Ramesh Prakash said this trend is related to the fact that the government has not implemented its policies on medical treatment or the government’s attitude towards it.

“Medical treatment is a human right,” Dr Prakashi said.

Dr Prakarash said the government is also slow in delivering the medicines.

There are too many hurdles in the way.

“If we are talking about medical treatment alone, the government can provide all the medicines at the cost of Rs 2,000 per patient, which is a fraction of the cost per patient in other countries,” Dr Ramesham said.

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