Medical scar treatment medication to be distributed to patients in Thailand

Medical treatment medication is expected to be released to patients, and it is expected the first batch of the drug will be distributed in the country this week.

The first batch will be released in early April, according to Thai government spokesperson Phuwak Chaiwat.

According to the official website, the drug is designed to treat a patient with severe tics, including Tourette’s Syndrome.

It is intended for use in adults who are suffering from severe Tourette Syndrome and can be used as a first-line treatment for Tourette Disorder, or tics.

The drug will not be available for sale or use in children, nor in children younger than 15 years old.

There are no plans to offer it to children younger or older than 15, but the drug can be administered to children at all ages, according the website.

Phuwaks statement comes as the Ministry of Health is reportedly considering a ban on Tourette Diets.

It has been reported that Thailand has made a list of the most severe tic conditions, and is currently weighing whether to make the drug available.

Tourette DiETS is one of the world’s most prevalent Tourette Disorders.

It is characterized by repetitive tics and severe anxiety, and has been linked to a high incidence of suicide.

It can cause serious physical, psychological and mental health problems.

The government has banned the use of the tic medication for people under the age of 18 in the past.

However, it has recently started to allow it for adults, and people over the age is now allowed to receive it.

The Thai government has not said whether the drug has been proven effective in treating Tourette, or if there is an effect from it.

The drug is still illegal in Thailand.

Treatment with Tourette treatments is usually provided at a private clinic, with no reimbursement.

However there are several privately-run clinics in Thailand, where it is possible to receive treatment.

According the website, it is the first time in history that a pharmaceutical company has been granted permission to distribute a medicine for Tourettes.

The government is now looking into whether the medicines will be made available for public use.

The Drug Administration of Thailand says it is currently reviewing the approval of Tourette drugs and is ready to consider their application in the future.

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