How to help a doctor and patient get a second opinion

This article originally appeared on The Washington Post.

The Washington D.C. metro area is suffering from a serious shortage of primary care doctors, and that shortage is causing the local health system to scramble to fill some of those openings.

But it’s also creating a unique situation: Doctors are getting referrals for treatment from people who have no medical training.

Doctors who are qualified but who are not trained to do primary care — and, in some cases, who are practicing outside the scope of primary health care — are not getting referrals.

In the District, a shortage of about 100 primary care physicians is causing a surge in referrals for specialists.

This isn’t a crisis.

It’s a shortage that is worsening, and the D.P.A. and the local medical community are struggling to find ways to deal with it.

“We’ve seen it all over the country.

We’ve seen a massive shortage of physicians in this country,” said Dr. Steven S. Felsenthal, the district’s medical director.

We want to help people get the care they need.” “

The D.I.C.’s approach to this is we don’t want to make it worse.

We want to help people get the care they need.”

The D.O.H. health care system, which operates under the DIA, has a policy of “direct patient-to-primary care” — meaning it refers patients to doctors who have completed at least one year of training in primary care.

That includes both primary care and specialty practice.

But the DPH, which oversees the District’s medical system, has struggled to recruit enough physicians to fill all the vacancies.

In March, the DPA announced that it would hire only two primary care specialists to fill vacancies.

That was part of a strategy to fill the DAP’s shortage of 5,600 primary care slots by the end of next year.

That goal has fallen short of the DPI’s requirement, with about 10,000 primary care positions left unfilled by the DPs and DAP.

It has also created a bottleneck.

The DPH and the health care officials who run the DOP are now scrambling to find more qualified specialists to help fill the vacancies, while trying to find qualified doctors to do some of the work.

The health care department has been unable to find enough primary care professionals to fill primary care jobs for several months, and is now considering hiring another doctor.

“I know that the shortage is going to be a problem for the next year, so we’re going to have to figure out ways to do this,” said David L. Hough, the director of the health department.

The Health Department’s problem has become compounded by a series of problems that are undermining the DTP’s ability to recruit qualified doctors.

It started with the Dop’s decision to allow primary care residencies to be used for some new primary care doctor positions.

The change was made to allow for more competition among providers, and also to allow DAPs to retain more of the primary care residency slots for their employees.

But Dop officials and DOP officials in D.

Cs. across the country say that is only part of the problem.

In a letter to the DPM, Hough wrote, “I would like to emphasize that we have a plan to address the primary health workforce shortage, but that we must first determine how to fill it.”

Hough said he was “very concerned about the number of vacancies and the lack of qualified candidates for them, which is why we are considering an expanded primary care workforce.”

Hoh also said he expected that, by 2020, the District would have “at least” 4,000 fewer primary care physician positions than it does today.

In other words, the health system has a problem with a shortage and a shortage is a problem.

“There are two different things going on at the DPO,” said M. Kelly L. Johnson, the city’s deputy director of health services.

“One is the shortage of qualified doctors and a lack of the doctors that are trained to treat primary care patients.

The other is the lack a lot of qualified primary care docs who have trained to practice outside the clinical setting, and who are trained in a way that allows them to treat people who are at higher risk of dying, like seniors.”

Dr. Robert J. Wiebe, the medical director of Georgetown University’s Center for the Study of Primary Care, said there is a fundamental mismatch in the two groups of primary doctors.

“It’s the same in the United States, and it’s the case across Europe and Australia,” Wiebel said.

“When we talk about primary care in the U.S., the primary doctors are not primary care providers.

They’re not specialists.

So what we’re seeing is that the problem is not primary

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