Tourette syndrome, autism and the new flu vaccine

The Australian Medical Association has called for the government to reconsider its decision to withdraw the coronavirus vaccine for children and adults aged under 12.

The AAMC says the vaccine, which is still available in some states, should be withdrawn in the light of the emergence of a new flu strain and other serious complications, including a rise in cases of flu-like symptoms.

“It’s time for the Commonwealth Government to reconsider the decision to discontinue the coronivirus vaccine,” AMA President Dr David Jett said.

“While many people continue to receive the vaccine in Australia, there is increasing evidence to suggest that children and young people with Tourette Syndrome are at higher risk for developing the new influenza strain, particularly in the younger age groups.”

The lack of a flu vaccine for those aged 12 to 15 years has become a public health crisis, as many young people continue their influenza vaccine.

“The AAMCC and other medical bodies are calling for the Government to ensure that children aged 12 and under receive flu vaccine, even if they are not currently receiving the vaccine.”

We also urge the Commonwealth to consider including in the draft vaccination package for the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) and Tasmania, a provision for a flu vaccination for people aged 12 years and over.

“This would be a matter for the Tasmanian Government and the AAMAC to consider as the influenza virus continues to evolve in the region.”

Read more about coronaviruses,vaccines,vaccination,trouble source ABC NEWS (AU/NZ) title New coronaviral strain causes a spike in cases in Australia article There have been a spate of reported cases of the coronajovirus and coronavirinase variants, a class of viruses that includes the novel coronavirodivertic strain (CCS) and variant A, in children and teens, including one teenager in Victoria who died of the disease.

There have also been reports of young people experiencing serious neurological or psychiatric problems and a number of children and adolescents experiencing brain damage and seizures.

The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has issued warnings to schools about the emergence and spread of a strain of COVID-19, including warning about the use of certain substances.

“We can’t be complacent and we’re seeing the trend towards people using COVID vaccines,” AFP Commissioner Mark Rowley said.

“The use of the flu vaccine and COVID vaccination should be part of any strategy for children in the community.”

Read the full story on ABC News.

Sources: ABC News, ABC News: New coronaval coronavid strains,Australian Federal Police,AFP,National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention

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