A doctor’s medical treatment of a patient

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is launching an investigation into how doctors treat people who suffer from Ebola and other deadly diseases.

The CDC said it was launching an inquiry after a doctor treated an Ebola patient who had recently died in Liberia, and another doctor treated a man who died of Ebola last week.

In a statement, the CDC said that the CDC is looking into the incident that occurred last week in Liberia and other similar cases, in addition to other health care-related incidents.

It said that while the CDC has not yet determined whether these cases represent the most recent cases, they are not isolated and they underscore the need for more investigation.

“The CDC will launch an investigation of this incident, as well as any other instances of physicians treating Ebola patients, to determine whether these actions reflect an epidemic and/or the proper handling of patient care,” the agency said.

A CDC spokesman said that no one was harmed in the incidents, but it was reviewing how doctors were trained in the use of hazmat masks and other protective gear.

A spokesman for the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services said the agency would cooperate with the CDC.

The agency’s Office of Inspector General will also conduct a review.

The department said it had not received any information about the incidents from the CDC and was working with the agency to learn more.

“We’ve seen a spike in the number of infections in the U.K., and this is the first incident of this nature,” said Dr. Michael Fitzpatrick, who directs the hospital-based division of the CDC’s Office for the Analysis and Evaluation of Health Security.

He said that hospital-treated patients are not monitored at the same level as those who are not.

He said the CDC had not previously received any complaints about this practice.

The incident in Liberia has led the CDC to issue an alert to hospitals that have been told to take precautions against exposing people to the virus, including a new directive to hospitals to report patients to their state and local health departments and their physician for any signs of the virus.

The warning has been issued in the wake of the discovery that a man in Liberia had been infected with the virus and died from the disease, and that another man had died in a similar incident.

The CDC says those deaths may have been linked to the hospital treatment of the man.

The agency is also investigating the case in Minnesota, where the state health department issued a state-wide Ebola alert.

The alert warned that a doctor there treated a patient with Ebola in a hospital in St. Cloud, Minnesota, and had been questioned by authorities there.

The doctor was not immediately identified.

The hospital was closed for two days and the state is investigating the situation, the state Health Department said in a statement.

Health officials in New Jersey and Vermont said they have not been notified of any new cases, but they are continuing to follow the investigation.

In Connecticut, the U-M Medical Center, the nation’s largest, reported a nurse who treated a person with Ebola, who died from Ebola, had been taken to an isolation unit and treated for a fever.

The state Health Commissioner said in an email that the nurse, who had been a nurse at the hospital, was on leave from her job.

The state Department of Public Health said that health officials in Connecticut were still working with health care workers in other states and overseas to determine if they are at risk for Ebola.

A health worker with the state’s Department of Community Health was transferred to a unit of the Hartford hospital for evaluation, according to a state health official.

The worker was not among those tested and did not develop symptoms.

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