A New Jersey man’s fight for access to medical treatment can cost him $150,000, doctors say

A New Brunswick man whose fight for a new prescription drug for a chronic illness can cost $150 for him to receive treatment for the disease can now ask for it back, his doctor said.

Michael L. DeGuerin, 60, has been using a nasal spray to treat his chronic lung disease for about a year, said Dr. David A. Parnell, the chief medical officer of the New Brunswick Medical Society.

Parnell said DeGuergen’s doctors have said he is on the medication for years.

De Guerin said in January he started to have trouble breathing.

Pardell said doctors were concerned De Guergen may be experiencing worsening symptoms and had prescribed another medication.

Pardell told De Guers doctors have suggested he take the new medication, but that it is too expensive.

The new medication costs about $600 a month for a month’s supply, according to a review of De Guerrin’s medical records.

Pardson said De Guera has filed a claim with the New Jersey Department of Consumer Protection.

He said De guerin will have to pay the difference if the drug is not reimbursed.

The state said in a statement it will “investigate any concerns that an individual with a chronic lung condition may be being denied an appropriate and reasonable opportunity to receive necessary and appropriate medical treatment.”

The agency did not immediately respond to ABC News’ request for comment.

De Guerins lawyer, Joseph Parnes, said Deguerin needs more information.

Pardon claims that De guerrin has been denied treatment for his chronic pulmonary disease, Parns said.

De guerins doctors told him he had a history of allergies and that he had difficulty sleeping, Pardes said.

He is taking a daily inhaler to help with sleep.

DeGuerins doctor, Dr. Donald S. Sussman, said there are no clear indications De Guercin has a preexisting condition and that his medications are well-tolerated.

“This is not the first time that this type of claim has been filed by someone with a history,” he said.

Pardon claims De Guertins medical history includes multiple sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis and asthma.

Deguerrins doctor also said De Guerin has never taken medications for his other medical conditions.

Sussman said De Gervais has an extensive history of chronic lung conditions, including a lung transplant in 2003 and a blood clot in the neck that caused him to lose his hearing in his left ear.

Prenatal care is also being considered, but Parnells doctors said De Geerais medical history is a strong contender for treatment.

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