Why is the NHS treating ocd with antibiotics in the same way it treats depression?

The UK government is considering whether to allow drugs for depression to be prescribed as prescribed.

The drug-dosing scheme will be expanded to include other mental health conditions as well, with the first phase expected to start in early 2018.

A new treatment for depression will also be introduced in the UK.

It follows a decision by the UK to allow the prescription of antidepressants to be dispensed to people with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.

Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt announced the move at a news conference on Tuesday.

He said the scheme would not be expanded on the NHS in other ways.

We want to treat people with the illness and make sure they are doing well.””

We want people to be able to access the best treatments and treatments for mental health.

We want to treat people with the illness and make sure they are doing well.”

Depression is a chronic condition in which the body fights to keep a normal sleep pattern.

People who have the condition are able to cope with the effects of stress by falling asleep, but some also struggle to fall asleep at night.

Some people with depression may be able more easily cope with sleep problems than others.

There are about 5.3 million people living with depression in the US.

Depression has a number of different causes and can vary between individuals and over time.

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